Friday, 23 November 2012

Moving to

Hi All,

I wanted to let you all know that I have moved all my blog data and will continue to blog via . 

I've changed the name of the blog to reflect the inevitable (Lil Chica will someday be out of a carrier).  As well, I have learnt that Google (who owns Blogger) would own all my blog info and photos.  With Wordpress, I own my stuff.

I hope you choose to follow me on Wordpress and that you continue to read up on out hiking adventures.

This might be my last post via Blogger.  See you at


Saturday, 17 November 2012

Summer Legs Gone

Meeting up Parent #3 at Whitevale
Good fun last weekend with my Meetup crew  (, including my hiker buddy T'ana.  We really like to pump up the jam for a good few hours when we get out, so we decided on a 15km-Seaton Trail stint last Sunday morning.  The plan was to go northbound for 4.5 km whereupon we'd meet up with another parent, continue northward for 3 km, rest, then return south to drop off the parent and stop at our parking spot -- 15 km in total.

It was really good to be out on the trail with her familiar face, especially as we had not hiked together for over 2 months; a far cry from the almost daily walks while we were on mat leave together.  I think that the last time we hiked together was on the Bruce Trail in August.  With lots to catch up on, we chatted for a good long while about Halloween, family, day care, work, housing prices (ugh!) and life in general

Stop pulling my hair on the steps :-)  Too cute.
After a good hour or so, we met up with another Meetup parent and continued on to Green River where we rested, stretched and ate.  High spirits kept up even on our way back ... until we were at about the 12-km mark -- the mostly up-hill part... ZOIX!  Trying to keep up our old summertime pace was a challenge as our legs were feeling the burn and tightness.  Was it the increased weight on our backs... heavier babies?  Was it the thinning air as we walked up-slope?  Nah, it wasn't like it was Mount Kilamanjaro.  The one comment that rang true was:  "My summer legs are gone."  I won't tell you which one of us said it.  But, suffice it to say that we both thought it.

Looking forward to our next leg-burn.